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Policy Review & Analysis

 Generating  sound policies are a bulwark against liability and an antidote to  miscommunication.  Although we specialize in threat analysis, we also  engage in policy analysis and review in areas that include, but are not  limited to, privacy and security.  This area of practice has been a  staple commodity for our clients in determining their vulnerabilities and streamlining their efforts at generating a robust policy infrastructure.  

Situational Awareness as a Means to Improving the Decision Making Process:

Intuition  and common business sense guides us all to the conclusion that good  decisions rest on good information.  While one can never know  everything, one has the sense that what is unknown may have negative  implications for sound decision making.  As better information serves  the interest of decision makers, it is more commonly (and properly)  called “intelligence.”  We produce finished intelligence products, and threat assessments, that are designed to enhance the decision making process. 

Content Generation

Our team of experts hail from the fields of national security, intelligence and political science. We bring their experience to bear on topics that are of concern to your website's readership. We deliver digital content by authoring original blogs, articles and White Papers, in accordance with your organization's mission and purpose. These items can be attributable or non-attributable, depending on your business needs.  Our range of content generation is as diverse as the domestic deployment of facial recognition software (policy & best practices) to analyzing patterns of terrorism around the globe (using open source data). 


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